Wellbeing initiatives play an important role in retaining employees who want to know that their employers support their health and wellness.


Movement during working hours is important for keeping your staff fit and healthy. Current work practices involve sitting, sitting and more sitting – be it at meetings, during long commutes or international travel. 

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the leading cause of temporary work disability among Ireland’s working age population. 25% of EU workers have been found to have back pain, and a further 23% reported muscular pains in any given year. Pain and injury in the workplace is a significant problem, that results in lost employee days, poor morale and reduced profits. 

Educating your staff on how to offset prolonged work positions, as well as encouraging targeted movement and promoting postural change during the workday will lead to better morale and healthier staff. 

Wellbeing initiatives play an important role in retaining employees who want to know that their employers support their health and wellness. To date we have presented as part of Corporate Wellness programmes for Deloitte, SSE Airticity, Slainte Healthcare, Rehab group, Espion, Pfizer and Mars.

Corporate Health presents a challenge but also a great opportunity to really promote awareness around injury prevention, rehabilitation and building resilience and keeping your body active.

Services we offer

  • On-site seminars to compliment your Wellness Initiatives
  • On-site pilates classes
  • On-site postural assessments and work-station advice
  • On-site clinics for physiotherapy 
  • On-site mobility sessions or “at your desk” exercise sessions


It is impossible to enjoy work if you have pain just sitting at your desk. Call us now to find out how we can work with you.

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If you have pain in your back or in your lower limbs, we will always look at your alignment and your feet.

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Cancer rehabilitation

Recent evidence has shown significant improvements in outcomes of patients who are physically active both during and after cancer treatment.

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Dry needling

The aim of Trigger Point Dry Needling is to reduce muscle pain and dysfunction by releasing oversensitive areas in the muscle known as myofascial trigger points.

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Back pain

Spinal pain, especially neck pain and lower back pain are very common. We successfully treat spinal pain every day and can help you get back to full function.

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Clinical pilates

We offer classes to suit all ages and ability levels!

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Sports massage

Banish aches and pains and prevent them developing further by getting a sports massage every month or two.

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Sports Injuries

Our aim is to get you fit and back to the sport you love with the minimum time out of the game.

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Running & gait analysis

Our Running Analysis Lab is designed to give you more information on the way that you run.

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What our clients say

I work for a large corporate and we recently had Jenny in for a Work/Life Balance seminar. Jenny was brilliant, providing useful tips and tricks on how one can prevent common injuries, in a professional and friendly manner. The level of engagement at the Q&A session proved how interested all staff were in what she had to say. A very enjoyable afternoon!

Laura Mulligan, Pfizer

Thank you so much for helping to facilitate a great talk this morning. Sarah was absolutely brilliant and we have got some great feedback already this morning. There was something for everyone to take away from the talk and Sarah was excellent at delivering it.

Aine Barrett, Mars


Total Physio is open, providing face to face appointments in the clinic, in accordance with HSE guidelines.

Our online consultation service will also continue, for those patients who would prefer to stay at home.

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Thank you for your continued support and please stay safe.

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