Sports massage

Banish aches and pains and prevent them developing further by getting a sports massage every month or two.

Sports massage

Sports massage, deep tissue massage and soft tissue manipulation are all the same thing, and  involve loosening out tense, tight muscles to improve function and prevent injury.

Aches and pains can be caused by overuse injuries, by sitting at your desk, and from prolonged postures. Banish aches and pains and prevent them developing further by getting a sports massage every month or two. It really works!

If you’re not sure if you need massage or physiotherapy, just call us and we can discuss which would be most appropriate for you.

The benefits of massage

  • Improves circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Increases removal of metabolic waste
  • Alters muscle tone, particularly good when you’re training for a long distance event
  • Improves the condition of scar tissue when required 
  • Assists in mental preparation before a game


Wellbeing initiatives play an important role in retaining employees who want to know that their employers support their health and wellness.

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We aim to quickly reduce your pain, resolve your injury and rectify any dysfunction that injury may have caused.

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Cancer rehabilitation

Recent evidence has shown significant improvements in outcomes of patients who are physically active both during and after cancer treatment.

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Back pain

Spinal pain, especially neck pain and lower back pain are very common. We successfully treat spinal pain every day and can help you get back to full function.

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Sports Injuries

Our aim is to get you fit and back to the sport you love with the minimum time out of the game.

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Total Physio is open, providing face to face appointments in the clinic, in accordance with HSE guidelines.

Our online consultation service will also continue, for those patients who would prefer to stay at home.

Please book online here or call or email for more information.

Thank you for your continued support and please stay safe.

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